Recordset Loops How To

Recordset Loops I recently answered a question on my Facebook site… Link:-  Full Text of my Answer:- basically it would be best to use a record set loop to solve the OP’s problem.  I agree with Sherry, you need to use a Recordset Loop… I did a set of video instructions on how to create … Read more

Create Many Records

Recordset Loop – Create Records Once you start converting queries into SQL Statements, in other words a string version of the Query, you can take that string and manipulate it, extract things from it, do all sorts of things with it! One of your best “leg-ups” one of your first moves to becoming an MS … Read more

Combo Box

Combo Boxes Combo Boxes are the most fascinating and useful “Controls” you can have on your Form. They have Many uses. Combo Boxes can be manipulated in all sorts of ways without using VBA. Once you’ve mastered the combo-box, and once you have mastered Queries, the building of queries in the query builder grid, a … Read more

Advanced Message Box

“Advanced” Message Box Message boxes can be modified quite extensively to give you your user a much better experience. So before you set about creating a Form to use as a Messsage Box, consider using the more advanced features of a “Built In” Message Box. There’s a really nicely done example database on message boxes … Read more

Searching for Answers

Searching For Answers The upgrade to the Access World Forums (AWF) has also provided a much better search facility. So this blog is practically obsolete! However, I still find that the Google Search offers a much greater control over what you are searching for. If you’re trying to find something obscure, give it a try, … Read more

Update Excel from MS Access


Update Excel from MS Access Before I found Bob’s excellent code on the BTAB Development Web Site… (To see it Click The Button Below) … I relied on the two links from Microsoft which you can find below. One link demonstrates the automation method to transfer data cell by cell, which is fine for small … Read more

Attach a Label

Attach a Label Attach a missing label – Nifty Access – The problem you are facing is, you’ve got a Control and it’s missing its Label. To duplicate the situation, first create a Textbox on an MS Access Form. Created a text box with a label. When you move the text box, the Label moves … Read more

Control Records Displayed in a Subform

Control Records Displayed in Subform There are various ways you can display how records are sorted in a Form. I’m fond of directly accessing a forms record source with an SQL Statement, an alternative would be to use the filter property. I have done a few videos on the filter property which you could probably … Read more

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