Delete Tables

Delete Tables There are various options for deleting tables. I will gradually build up this webpage with more options as time permits. However before you delete “ANYTHING” in your MS Access Database, make a backup first! It’s amazing even the most seasoned professionals can fall foul of this Brain Fart! Delete Tables Delete Tables Video … Read more

Multiple Checklist User Case Examples

Multiple Checklist User Case Examples I have set this page up to record user case examples using the the Nifty Multiple Checklist System. Demonstration of another product from Nifty Access… The Nifty Multiple Check-List System. Create a Form with Many Check-Boxes Create a Form with Many Check-Boxes Image 1 Bettany recently asked a question on … Read more

SQL Statements For Beginners

SQL Statements For Beginners You are here because you can build Queries with the Query Designer grid in MS Access, however you’ve started to realise that the Query Designer grid can’t do everything you want. A query is basically a string of text characters, often referred to as an SQL String. And that’s the key … Read more

Prevent Duplicates

Prevent Duplicates When entering data into a subform, particularly when you select The data from a combobox, then you probably don’t want the user to be able to select the same item twice. You may want to count the various entries at some stage and having duplicates would just make this inaccurate. There are numerous … Read more

Insert Into SQL Statement

INSERT INTO SQL Statement I regularly see messages on MS Access Forums where people are struggling to make the INSERT INTO SQL Statement work. I can understand why, for a start the error messages (if you get any) have very little relationship to what is actually wrong. The syntax, the usual suspect, is a minefield, … Read more

Simulated Option Group

This page relates to the first iteration of the “Simulated Option Group” which is now called the “Nifty Option Group”… The “Nifty Option Group” is the latest version, the maintained version, and can be found here:- “Nifty Option Group” – Is HERE – Click Me!!! Simulated Option Group The normal MS Access Option Groups … Read more

Rank with VBA

Rank with VBA With the Google presentation and a video below, I demonstrate how to change the rank of an item in a table. This is particularly useful if you have a lookup table and you want to offer your user the ability to move an item up or down the list. To add this … Read more

Recordset Loops How To

Recordset Loops I recently answered a question on my Facebook site… Link:-  Full Text of my Answer:- basically it would be best to use a record set loop to solve the OP’s problem.  I agree with Sherry, you need to use a Recordset Loop… I did a set of video instructions on how to create … Read more

Create Many Records

Recordset Loop – Create Records Once you start converting queries into SQL Statements, in other words a string version of the Query, you can take that string and manipulate it, extract things from it, do all sorts of things with it! One of your best “leg-ups” one of your first moves to becoming an MS … Read more

Combo Box

Combo Boxes Combo Boxes are the most fascinating and useful “Controls” you can have on your Form. They have Many uses. Combo Boxes can be manipulated in all sorts of ways without using VBA. Once you’ve mastered the combo-box, and once you have mastered Queries, the building of queries in the query builder grid, a … Read more

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