Barcodes Bar-codes along with a bar-code scanner can be a very useful feature to add to your database. You can quickly scan in serial numbers from mass deliveries of items / components. Bar codes are also very handy for managing the repair process of an item returned for repair. For example, by recording a repaired … Read more

Normalization Tool

Transpose Tool Header Image

Normalization Tool This “Transpose Tool” – “Database Normalization Tool” allows you to easily convert Spreadsheet structured data into MS Access structured data. This transformation of your data allows you to build incredibly powerful MS Access Databases. This transformation is a critical process, only known to and practice by “Power Users”, users with a good grasp … Read more

Open one Form from Another and transfer Data

Passing Form Values A common requirement is to pass values from one form to another. In these videos I demonstrate some problems you might face, and demonstrate a good and robust way of doing it. Open One Form From Another Open One Form From Another Video 1 (3:15) I have used the technique shown here, for many … Read more

Setup the Northwind dB

Northwind Database I'm not sure when the Northwind database became available, but it seems to me like it's been around right from the beginning. I have blogged about the Northwind database several times on the Nifty Access Site… See below for info on How to set Northwind up Setup the Northwind Sample dB Northwind Sample … Read more

TempVars Value Error

You cannot Always omit “Value” I often see people are advised they do not need to refer to a Control’s Value implicitly like this:- Dim strValue As String strValue = cboCurrent.Value This advice is given because “Value” is the default, therefore it is unnecessary to append it, So you could write the above like this:- … Read more

Import CSV

CSV Import I’ve done quite a bit of research into importing Comma Separated value Files into MS Access. In particular, I’m working on importing CSV files with more than 255 columns. I have had a reasonable amount of success, but it was thwart with complications that were difficult to resolve. Not ready to release my … Read more

List Box Default Selection

List Box Default Please be aware that while upgrading the Nifty Access Website I discovered this post. I tried to link it back to the original post on Access World Forums, however I couldn’t I find the post. I found one that looks similar, but I don’t think it is the correct one! I’m going … Read more

Control Wizard (Access 2007)

Control Wizard The Control Wizard is a very handy feature of MS Access. It provides built-in wizards, which simplify many of the processes you have to partake in to build your MS Access database. Button Wizard (Access 2007) Button Wizard (Access 2007) Video 1 (2:09) Demonstrate how to use the MS Access (2007) command button wizard … Read more

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