Normalization Tool

Normalization Tool If you happened on this page perchance and are wondering what it’s all about, then I suggest you have a look at these links. This “Transpose Tool” – “Database Normalization Tool” allows you to easily convert Spreadsheet structured data into MS Access structured data. This transformation of your data allows you to build incredibly … Read moreNormalization Tool

Option Group Label Color Change

Option Group Label Color Change Option Group Label Color Change Video 1 (7:17) This video demonstrates a code module which allows you to change the colour of the selected option group label, and optionally collect the caption of the selected label. The code module is generic, it will work for any option group containing any number … Read moreOption Group Label Color Change

Import CSV

  Import one CSV into two Tables Import CSV Video 1 (2:15) Import the Comma Separated Value file (CSV )into a staging table. Then run two queries against the staging table. One query to extract “H” into a new table, the other to extract “R” into a new table. Video 1 (2:15) More Info on Import CSV:- … Read moreImport CSV