Private Function fSQL_Data(lngMasterID As Long) As String
Dim strSubName As String
Dim strModuleName As String

strSubName = "fSQL_Data"
strModuleName = "Form - " & Me.Name

On Error GoTo Error_Handler

Dim strSQL0 As String
Dim strSQL1 As String
Dim strSQL2 As String
Dim strSQL3 As String
Dim strSQL4 As String

strSQL1 = "SELECT dataLinkID, dataSets, dataItems, dataTickedOff "
strSQL2 = "FROM tblData "
strSQL3 = "WHERE (((dataLinkID)="
strSQL4 = "));"

strSQL0 = strSQL1 & strSQL2 & strSQL3 & lngMasterID & strSQL4

fSQL_Data = strSQL0

    Exit Function

        Select Case Err.Number
            Case 1 'When Required, Replace Place Holder (1) with an Error Number
                MsgBox "Error produced by Place Holder please check your code !  Error Number >>>  " _
                & Err.Number & "  Error Desc >>  " & Err.Description, , conAppName
            Case Else
                MsgBox "Error From --- " & strModuleName & ", " & strSubName & " --- Error Number >>>  " & Err.Number _
                & "  <<< Error Description >>  " & Err.Description, , conAppName
        End Select
    Resume Exit_ErrorHandler

End Function      'fSQL_Data

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