Delete Tables

Delete Tables There are various options for deleting tables. I will gradually build up this webpage with more options as time permits. However before you delete “ANYTHING” in your MS Access Database, make a backup first! It’s amazing even the most seasoned professionals can fall foul of this Brain Fart! Delete Tables Delete Tables Video … Read more

SQL Statements For Beginners

SQL Statements For Beginners You are here because you can build Queries with the Query Designer grid in MS Access, however you’ve started to realise that the Query Designer grid can’t do everything you want. A query is basically a string of text characters, often referred to as an SQL String. And that’s the key … Read more

Split a Large MS Access Datasheet in to 3 Smaller Datasheets

Split a Large MS Access Datasheet in to 3 Smaller Datasheets You’ve got a large “VERTICAL” List of Data in datasheet form, you might prefer to have it spread out across the screen instead of constantly having to page up and down the list. In this set of videos I demonstrate two ways of implementing … Read more

Insert Into SQL Statement

INSERT INTO SQL Statement I regularly see messages on MS Access Forums where people are struggling to make the INSERT INTO SQL Statement work. I can understand why, for a start the error messages (if you get any) have very little relationship to what is actually wrong. The syntax, the usual suspect, is a minefield, … Read more

VBA Beginner

VBA Beginner If you want to learn VBA and how to use it in MS Access then this is a good place to start. These videos lead you through from creating a simple Command Button right through to manipulating an SQL Statement. Once you have completed this set of videos, you can move on to … Read more

Easy Search Criteria

Easy Search Criteria More years ago than I care to remember, I created this Search Form. It was one of my first Adventures into MS Access VBA. Later, when I was looking for a subject which I could use as a way of introducing people into the world of VBA, it was this Search Form … Read more


fSQL_Data Private Function fSQL_Data(lngMasterID As Long) As String Dim strSubName As String Dim strModuleName As String strSubName = “fSQL_Data” strModuleName = “Form – ” & Me.Name On Error GoTo Error_Handler Dim strSQL0 As String Dim strSQL1 As String Dim strSQL2 As String Dim strSQL3 As String Dim strSQL4 As String strSQL1 = “SELECT dataLinkID, dataSets, … Read more

Add a Check List to your MS Access Database

Add a Checklist to MS Access Checklists are very useful. However, they can be a pain both for developer and for the user. The last thing you want is a subform comprising of a set of of a combo boxes that the user has to select in order to provide the question and the answer! … Read more

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