Error Handling – MS Access

Error Handling in MS Access
Video 1  (3:05)
Command Button With Error Code
Demonstration of how to create a command button on an MS Access form with the command button wizard. The significance is that the command button wizard automatically adds error code to the on click event of your command button.
Video 2  (1:52)
Command Button Without Error Code
By creating a command button without using the command button wizard, you end up with a command button with no error checking code in it.
Video 3  (3:04)
Force an Error WITHOUT error checking
Force an error by dividing ten by zero, demonstrate how this code called from a command button without any error checking code in it performs
Video 4  (1:51)
Force an Error WITH error checking
Again generating an error by dividing ten by zero, this time the error is triggered by a command button with error checking code, this shows the user your own custom MessageBox instead of the built in MS Access error message box. .
Video 5  (1:46)
Looking at the code 
A detailed look at the error code generated by the Microsoft Access wizard, the “on error” instruction and the “Goto” instruction a brief description of labels and some ideas on how to use the resume statement.

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