Build an Advanced Search Form

Why Build a Search Form? I answered This question:- Multi field search-box  on Access World Forums (AWF) where the OP asked about using a list box to search a table. I didn’t think a LISTBOX was the right solution, so I demonstrated this “Nifty Search Form” by adapting it to the OP’s Database. All done … Read more

Acronyms – MS Access

MS Access – Acronyms Visual Basic Acronyms Images made HERE on “FlamingText” Visual Basic Concepts Visual Studio 6.0 Object Naming Conventions ActiveX Data Objects ADO Data Access Objects DAO MD-Executable MDE Microsoft Database Executable User Level Security ULS Recordset RST – rst Structured Query Language SQL Visual Basic for Applications VBA Zero Length String ZLS … Read more

Easy MS Access Checklist

Checklist Required! Checklist Required! Video 1 (1:27) I offer a solution to a problem which might, sort of, sneak up on you when you’re developing your database. Imagine this scenario. Your organisation helps disadvantaged families and received support from government and other organisations. One of the requirements of this support is an annual report on how … Read more

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