Build an Advanced Search Form

Why Build a Search Form? I answered This question:- Multi field search-box  on Access World Forums (AWF) where the OP asked about using a list box to search a table. I didn’t think a LISTBOX was the right solution, so I demonstrated this “Nifty Search Form” by adapting it to the OP’s Database. All done … Read more

Acronyms – MS Access

MS Access – Acronyms Visual Basic Acronyms Images made HERE on “FlamingText” Visual Basic Concepts Visual Studio 6.0 Object Naming Conventions ActiveX Data Objects ADO Data Access Objects DAO MD-Executable MDE Microsoft Database Executable User Level Security ULS Recordset RST – rst Structured Query Language SQL Visual Basic for Applications VBA Zero Length String ZLS … Read more

Easy MS Access Checklist

You need an Auto Fill Checklist I added loads of Checklists to a Project. I noticed that it was painful for the user’s because they had to select each combo-box, choose the question, then choose the answer. This was a painfully slow process, and worse, it resulted in errors and missing information! These are the … Read more

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