Building Search Criteria Notes

Building Search Criteria Notes One of the first things I built in MS Access was a Search Form. Like most things, this started out as a simple Search Form and gradually got embellished. As I came to understand programming better and better, I added my new knowledge into the Search Form and I think here … Read more

Search Criteria YouTube Bullet Points

YouTube Bullet Points Total watch time now is about 25 minutes if you (Run the Video’s at Double Speed) Now that’s not too much of your precious TIME to assimilate the information that these excellent videos provide. And a Bonus! I’m currently available to help you with any enquiries, just press the email button on … Read more

Building Search Criteria

Want to build yourself a Search Form? Want to build yourself a Search Form? Then You are in the right place! This is no Ordinary Search Form, this Search Form incorporates some Object Orientated programming techniques. The process I take you through is exactly the same process as I took when I initially developed the … Read more

Build an Advanced Search Form

Why Build a Search Form? I answered This question:- Multi field search-box  on Access World Forums (AWF) where the OP asked about using a list box to search a table. I didn’t think a LISTBOX was the right solution, so I demonstrated this “Nifty Search Form” by adapting it to the OP’s Database. All done … Read more

Building Advanced Search Criteria

Building Advanced Search Criteria My second set of Videos on Building Search Criteria! In this set of Videos I build on the information provided in the first set of videos here:- Building Search Criteria The code from the first set works ok, but it’s not that efficient. It could be Slow on really big data … Read more

Easy Search Criteria

Easy Search Criteria More years ago than I care to remember, I created this Search Form. It was one of my first Adventures into MS Access VBA. Later, when I was looking for a subject which I could use as a way of introducing people into the world of VBA, it was this Search Form … Read more

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