Build an Advanced Search Form

Why Build a Search Form?

I answered This question:- Multi field search-box  on Access World Forums (AWF) where the OP asked about using a list box to search a table.

I didn’t think a LISTBOX was the right solution, so I demonstrated this “Nifty Search Form” by adapting it to the OP’s Database. All done in a Few minutes! You can download your own copy of the search form here:- — alternatively, follow the video instructions and you can build your own!

My Reply:- (The Key take away from my Reply — I found it an exceptionally rewarding way of learning Microsoft Access VBA)

I did it as a project to help me learn how to program Microsoft Access VBA… My first attempts at a Search Form were very basic, but they pointed the way to making improvements. As I made each improvement, there were 3 levels in all, my skill and understanding of programming in Microsoft Access VBA improved immensely. The result was this Search Form, which I am very proud of!

If you’re interested in learning Microsoft Access VBA then I can think of no better way than to adopt a project. Indeed, I realised the value of what I had learnt and I have tried to to explain it and to convey what I learnt in three collections of YouTube videos demonstrating how to build your own Search Form.

There are three sets of YouTube videos because they cater for people with different levels of expertise in MS Access VBA. Some might start at the first set of videos and some may start at the last set of videos.

The “Nifty Search Form” evolved out of many months of experimentation and learning.

I’ve condensed my experience down into these 3 sets of YouTube videos:-

VBA Beginner

Want to build yourself a Search Form?

Building Advanced Search Criteria

If you are interested in learning VBA then I can’t think of a better way than following the sets of YouTube videos.

Following them will give you a good “leg up” in this learning process. You’ve also got the back up that you can contact me if there’s anything you need help with.

Build an Advanced Search Form

Advanced Search Form - Full instructions on how to Build it Yourself!

If you are interested in building a “Nifty Search Form” for your database, then you should find the following YouTube Playlists helpful.
I have composed 3 YouTube playlists which go through a process of building the Search Form — Building Search Criteria – Nifty Access, Advanced Search Criteria – Nifty Access and Easy Search Criteria – Nifty Access
You will need some experience in using the query builder grid and VBA. If you need help with the VBA I also did another set the videos showing you how to start out with VBA…
VBA Beginner – Nifty Access
Building Search Criteria
Building Advanced Search Criteria
Easy Search Criteria – Nifty Access
If you have any problems, email me a time indexed link, to the place in the video that you need help with. Also provide an Explanation of the problem you are having, and/or what you don’t understand.

… …

More Useful Stuff HERE:-

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