Build an Advanced Search Form

Advanced Search Form

Advanced Search Form - Full instructions on how to Build it Yourself!

If you are interested in building a “Nifty Search Form” for your database, then you should find the following YouTube Playlists helpful.
I have composed 3 YouTube playlists which go through a process of building the Search Form — Building Search Criteria – Nifty Access, Advanced Search Criteria – Nifty Access and Easy Search Criteria – Nifty Access
You will need some experience in using the query builder grid and VBA. If you need help with the VBA I also did another set the videos showing you how to start out with VBA…
VBA Beginner – Nifty Access
Building Search Criteria
Building Advanced Search Criteria
Easy Search Criteria – Nifty Access
If you have any problems, email me a time indexed link, to the place in the video that you need help with. Also provide an Explanation of the problem you are having, and/or what you don’t understand.

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