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I added loads of Checklists to a Project. I noticed that it was painful for the user’s because they had to select each combo-box, choose the question, then choose the answer. This was a painfully slow process, and worse, it resulted in errors and missing information! These are the biggest NO NO’S for any database developer! The Video below demonstrates the problem, and below that, there are links to to my solution which is a set of Videos. The purpose of the videos is not to supply you with an easy drop in answer, it’s to get you to learn VBA! However if you want a drop-in answer, with no work, contact me. I have some samples that I can share.

Checklist Required!

Checklist Required!

Video 1 (1:27)

I offer a solution to a problem which might, sort of, sneak up on you when you’re developing your database. Imagine this scenario. Your organisation helps disadvantaged families and received support from government and other organisations. One of the requirements of this support is an annual report on how many people have been helped by your organisation. You’ve been using Excel for this however it’s becoming apparent that Excel doesn’t have all the features you require. You turn to MS Access to emulate a form provided by the government, and it has lots of checklists on it. The main form has a section for collects information on the families, family name, address, etc… under this section you have set up a subform which offers the user a set of combo boxes where they can choose a question and provide an answer. In other words the user interface is awful! A user interface requiring the operator to take several steps on each and every entry, unnecessary steps, something crying out for automation! Instead of the operator manually choosing the question and providing the answer, you would like all the combo boxes to be filled automatically! Hence my Checklist solution… See how to automatically create a Checklist on my website HERE:-

How to add a Checklist to MS Access

This Advanced but simple to use Checklist is easy to set-up. You Just need 3 Tables, a main form and a Subform. Follow the comprehensive Video Instructions, which demonstrate how to add this incredible utility to your database. Establish yourself as the “Go To” person in your organisation for database improvements! “Nifty Access” will quickly elevate you to “Power User Level!” 

Video 1 (1:27)

… …

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