SQL Statements For Beginners

SQL Statements For Beginners You are here because you can build Queries with the Query Designer grid in MS Access, however you’ve started to realise that the Query Designer grid can’t do everything you want. A query is basically a string of text characters, often referred to as an SQL String. And that’s the key … Read more

Insert Into SQL Statement

INSERT INTO SQL Statement I regularly see messages on MS Access Forums where people are struggling to make the INSERT INTO SQL Statement work. I can understand why, for a start the error messages (if you get any) have very little relationship to what is actually wrong. The syntax, the usual suspect, is a minefield, … Read more

Rank with VBA

Rank with VBA With the Google presentation and a video below, I demonstrate how to change the rank of an item in a table. This is particularly useful if you have a lookup table and you want to offer your user the ability to move an item up or down the list. To add this … Read more

VBA Beginner

VBA Beginner If you want to learn VBA and how to use it in MS Access then this is a good place to start. These videos lead you through from creating a simple Command Button right through to manipulating an SQL Statement. Once you have completed this set of videos, you can move on to … Read more

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