Update Excel from MS Access

Update Excel from MS Access

Before I found Bob’s excellent code on the BTAB Development Web Site… (To see it Click The Button Below) … I relied on the two links from Microsoft which you can find below.

One link demonstrates the automation method to transfer data cell by cell, which is fine for small amount of data. For lots of data, use the CopyFromRecordset method as it is more efficient.

Update Excel ADO

Update Excel from MS Access

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Someone asked:- How to update Excel from MS Access? (Access World Forums) 

This question reminded me that I had a couple of excellent links hidden away, a couple of links to Microsoft Support where they provide two excellent articles on how to do this. I thought I would share the links with you!

Methods for transferring data to Excel from Visual Basic

How to transfer data from an ADO Recordset to Excel with automation

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… …

More Useful Stuff HERE:-

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