Control Records Displayed in a Subform

Control Records Displayed in Subform

There are various ways you can display how records are sorted in a Form. I’m fond of directly accessing a forms record source with an SQL Statement, an alternative would be to use the filter property.

I have done a few videos on the filter property which you could probably find by searching my YouTube channel.

This blog would benefit from a duplicate example, an example, basically the same as this SQL – RecordSource method, but instead use a Filter.

If you want to see such an example then please add a message in the YouTube Comments. If I get enough interest I’ll get I’ll get and make one! Don’t forget to sign up up to receive news and updates from me over on the right.>

Control Records - In Answer to AWF OP

Control Records - In Answer to AWF OP

Video 1 (5:18)

Klingest Asked — What I want to do is, that when you select a record in the subform showing “tblCalculation”, the related values from “tblSubCalculation” shall be displayed in the other subform. 

How can I do that?

In this video I answer Klingest’s question. I demonstrate how to capture the record selected (with VBA) in the first subform, extract the record’s ID, then insert the ID into an SQL Statement, again, with VBA Coding.

Next I show how to insert the SQL Statement into the Recordsource of the Form contained in the subform. (Subform Window)… You can see in the YouTube Video that the second subform now displays the related records, the records that match the selected record ID number in the first subform…

The VBA code used in the video is available:- Click on the button below:-

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Video 1 (5:18)

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