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This video should be of interest to anyone who wants to easily apply filters to an MS Access form in datasheet view or continuous form view. In this demonstration I show how you can apply filters in a Form presented in Continuous view and also in Datasheet view. When you apply the filters, they are actually added to the forms properties. By opening the Forms property sheet you can view the filter you have just created. The filter appears as a text string added to the filter property of the Form. Once you are aware of this nifty little trick that MS Access automatically does for you, then you can leverage it by copying the text version of the filter and use it in VBA code! It’s not 100-percent straightforward, and I show you one Gotcha and the solution… The solution is to change the double quotes within the filter to single quotes. You can use this filter string created by MS Access in your VBA code. Calling the VBA code which sets the filter from the onClick event of the label above the column. With this information you now have the ability to level up your display to something nice and professional looking. Got to be good for your kudos in your company!

ApplyFilter to Sub-Form

ApplyFilter to Sub-Form

Video 1  (5:31)

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Video 1  (5:31)

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