Is This Control a Hyperlink

Is This Control a Hyperlink? Gasman asked the Question:- Hi all, In the Northwind 2007 database, the id control on the form for Customer List appears to be a hyperlink. However I can not see how this is done.? The isHyperlink property is set to no. Al I can find is in the Tag property … Read moreIs This Control a Hyperlink

Insert File

Insert File There’s a fantastic, useful, clever feature of MS Access (actually I think it’s in all of the VBA products) where you can store code snippets in the normal file structure of Windows. Basically you have a folder which is accessed quickly and easily through the — >>>Insert >>>File — menu. This menu is … Read moreInsert File

Compact on Close – Images

Setting Compact on Close (MS Access 2007) 1. Setting Compact On Close (MS Access 2007) Click on the button in the top Left Hand Side… 2. Click…! 3. Select “Access Options” 4. Select “Current Database” 5. Check the Box  “Compact on Close” 6. Click…! 7. You get a Warning that you must Close & Re-Open … Read moreCompact on Close – Images