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There’s a fantastic, useful, clever feature of MS Access (actually I think it’s in all of the VBA products) where you can store code snippets in the normal file structure of Windows. Basically you have a folder which is accessed quickly and easily through the — >>>Insert >>>File — menu. This menu is shown when you are in the VBA interface. When you open it, you have access to this folder. You can have subfolders in any/all of those folders. You can have text files containing your code, Code Modules, Code Snippets, Class Modules Anything Textual you Want! Clicking on any of the text files automatically copies the contents of that text file straight into your Code/Class Module. But here’s the thing, you can also access any of those code snippets stored in the text files and edit them. You can simply and easily keep your stock of code available, ready and updated. And to top it all, it’s immediately available to any of your MS Access database projects.

Add to "Insert File"

Add to "Insert File"

Video 1 (Less than a Minute!)

In this 40 second video clip I demonstrate how easy it is to add and modify code in the “File Insert” section of “MS Access”… It’s one of the little used features of MS Access. It’s so helpful and can speed up your development process no end. If you are not currently using it I highly recommend you get conversant with it, start adding your favourite code snippets in there. I find the biggest problem is “Categorising my Code Snippets” I never know whether to categorise it by objects like, Form, Report, Module — or by what the code does! If you’ve got any ideas, then I’m all ears! 

I’ve also made a note of this Tip in the Nifty Tips section of my website…

Video 1 (0:40)

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