Vertical Text in Label and TextBox

Vertical Text

If you’re stuck for real estate, (a crowded jumbled Form) a particularly busy Form then one way of getting a bit more room might be to have a label oriented vertically. An alternative would be to take stuff off your Form and put it on a pop-up Form. You can see my blog here on a Class Module which adds some interesting functionality when you pop open a Form, it’s a very good solution. Another solution is to put a Tab control on your Form so that you have different sets of controls on different Tabs.

Vertical Text

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Open the property sheet for the Text Box and/or the Label. You can do this, both in a Form and a Report. You can also multi-select Controls as shown in the demo. In the property sheet select the other tab and then click on the “Vertical” listing and this will change it from Yes to No, and vice versa.

If you want something a bit special you could try one of the activeX controls. I’m not sure if this one from Lebans  works with the latest versions of MS Access, but you could give it a try. As a general principle, is not considered good practice to use activeX Controls because they can fail when Microsoft updates MS Access…

Video 1  (1:11)

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