Prevent Duplicates

Prevent Duplicates When entering data into a subform, particularly when you select The data from a combobox, then you probably don’t want the user to be able to select the same item twice. You may want to count the various entries at some stage and having duplicates would just make this inaccurate. There are numerous … Read more

Transcript – Combo Alpha List

Video Transcript Transcript of the Videos HERE Video 1 Transcript – (Start) You can double click the combo, or press a command button to call up the Combo Box Alpha List Form. The form automatically sorts your list of data in to alphabetic/numeric groups. These are accessed by the toggle buttons. You can press “G” … Read more

Screenshots – Combo Alpha List

 1. Double Click on the Combo to call up the “Combo Alpha List” Form 2. The Combo “Alpha List Form” Opens 3. Pressing the “Command Button” also calls the Form 4. Form Called 5. Buttons without Records are “Greyed Out” 6. Same on the Numbers Tab 7. The Normal 26 Characters of the Alphabet are … Read more

Combo Filter < All> or Some

Combo Filtering You can set this up yourself by following the instructions below, or you can study the example file which can be downloaded from the Nifty Digital downloads site for a few dollars.. will normally appear as the first entry in your list because the angle bracket puts it at the beginning of most … Read more

Northwind Problem and Solution

Northwind Problem and Solution If you use the Northwind database as a basis for your business application then there is a problem that you should be aware of. The sample Northwind database supplied by Microsoft provides some excellent insights in how you should program an MS Access application. However if you decide to use it … Read more

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