Spell Checker Popup Form

Spell Checker Popup Form

Nifty Spell Checker PopUp Form

Nifty Spell Checker Pop-Up Form

Video 1 (1:42)

This video demonstrates the spell checker pop-up working

Video 1 (1:42)

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Nifty Spell Checker - Setup

Nifty Spell Checker - Setup the Pop Up!

Video 2 (4:29)

In this video I demonstrate how to download & install the popup Form – (press the big green button on this page) – once you’ve extracted the file, copy the components into your own database as instructed in the video. Change the double click event to the code which opens the pop-up Form, and that’s it! You can use it with any text-box you want to spell check, just add the same short piece of code to to the double click event of Each Textbox you want to Spell check.

Video 2 (4:29)

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Spell Checker Popup Form - Useful Links

In answering the question in this Thread:-


missinglinq demonstrated an excellent way of spell checking a text box (text and memo field) text entries.

I realised that a Class Module I was developing would probably be put to good use in solving this problem as well!

I had developed a class module for a particular use with a preexisting calendar form, one that was generally available on the Internet. However during the process, I realised that the class module was not just limited to driving the calendar form, it may well operate effectively in other situations.

I have now used the class module in several projects, including this Spell Checker Popup Form.

Original SpellCheckerPopup File – SpellCheckerPopup.mdb

This file and the zip file with the same name are the original files which were uploaded to Access World Forums, 2008_10_23 at this thread here:-


(58.2 KB, 718 views as of 2019_09_09) 

Useful Spell Checking Links:-

From Gina


Spellcheck in French



acCmdSpelling just does the same thing that clicking on the Spell Check ribbon item does (boblarson)


Spell Checking in Runtime Environment


Check for spelling errors in Access (From Microsoft)


More Useful Stuff HERE:-

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