Show Table Structure to a Forum

Show Your Table on a Forum

Show Table Structure to a Forum.The best way is to provide a small sample database. You don’t need to provide your whole database. In fact by including too much information you just confuse the issue and make it difficult for anyone to help you.

Indeed if you just dump your monster dB on the Forum people will take one look and leave. You won’t get the help you expect. If your database is untidy, full of junk code, and generally slung together, why should anyone else try and sort it out for you…

All that is required is the Form that has the issue and the complementary table or tables related to the issue on that form, nothing else.

If your problem is in a module, then provide a brand new form to show the problem. If you are unable to supply a sample, then try the alternative(s) below which aren’t ideal, but better than nothing.

Table to a Forum

Video 1 (4:02)

To help someone to answer your Forum question, you’ve been asked to show more information about your “Table” structure. Here are several options you can use to extract and present the information to the forum…

Video 1 (4:02)

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