Nifty Gotcha’s

Nifty Gotcha's

MS Access takes Liberties

At the start of this video (VBA Beginner – VBA Queries – P2 – Nifty Access) – BELOW  I demonstrate cutting and pasting SQL Statements from Queries into MS Access VBA…

You can see that MS Access formats the Text for you. However, as you can see here, it’s NOT HELPFUL and could cause you a major headache if you’re unaware that ACCESS can do this “Unhelpful” modification!

Global Variables 1

Everyone will tell you you shouldn’t use global variables. There are good reasons for this but I won’t go into those. I will just show you in this video what you can do instead!

SQL Insert Statement

Formatting SQL statements can be a pain. It is often a source of errors and difficult to discover where the error is. The solution is quite simple as with any coding, “divide and conquer” in this video I show you an easy way to format your SQL statements so that you removed any chance of errors creeping in!