MS Access Form Loads on PC Startup

MS Access Form Loads on PC Startup

This video in answer to this question on Access World Forums (AWF) here:- DB on opening Win 10 — The OP wanted a Calendar Form (in MS Access) to load when the computer was switched on. To set this up, open your MS Access database, then open the Navigation Pane (usually on the left) — click on the link for the particular form you want to open and drag it to your desktop. This will automatically create a special button on your desktop “A Microsoft Access Form Shortcut”… Close MS Access, then press on that Shortcut/Button and it will open MS Access and that particular Form. If you want to take it to another level and have Microsoft Access open to a particular form when you switch your PC on then you need to add that newly created “Access Form Shortcut” to your PC Startup folder. To do this, open any folder, replace the folder “PATH” With shell:startup and it will change the folder to the Startup folder. Now drag your Newly created “FORM LINK” in to the Startup folder (That link you just created by dragging the Form Link from MS Access to the Desktop) When you start your computer it will open MS Access to that particular Form.

Load MS Access on PC Startup

Open Access & Form on Boot-Up

Video 1 (1:49)

Dick Said:- My wife wants me to set her computer up so that the Access 2016 calendar I made for her loads when she opens her computer. Is there a way to do that?

In the adjacent Video, “Video 1”, I demonstrate one method of achieving this.

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Video 1 (1:49)

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Question on AWF - DB on opening Win 10

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