Customer Products List in Northwind

Combo Box - Products by Customer?

Jada Docs – commented this YouTube Video:-

Northwind Orders Combo Box 3 – Nifty Access

Thank you for the awesome video. Do you have any videos that show how the create a combobox which shows the products purchased by each customer? If so, please send me the link.

It’s a very common requirement to have a list of items filtered and displayed within your MS Access database. Most people go about this by creating a query, however the problem with a query is that it’s a very awkward thing to display. It’s not interactive, or usable. Queries are a very good for supplying information to forms and reports but for displaying information they are lacking.

Customer Products List

Northwind - Customer Products List

Video 1 (12:27)

The solution is to use your query as the record source of a form, have that form showing the data Returned in datasheet view. Now place that form on top of another form as a subform. Now you can add controls to the form you have placed your query on and easily control the records Returned. You can also select one of the Returned records and open a form displaying more information about the selected record.

I have produced the video – Video 1 (12:27) in answer to Jada’s question. I show how to create a query, how to control the results Returned by the query, how to create a form to display the results returned by the query. I show how to place that form on another form, often called the main form “frmMain”. I demonstrate how to link a combobox to the query so that you can control the records Returned. I demonstrate how to refresh the data shown in the subform window. I explain how the subform is not actually on your main form but contained within a subform/subreport control which I referred to as a subFrmWin (subform window). I recommend saving a text version of the query somewhere within your form so that if a user happens to damage, or lose the query, it’s quite an easy process for you to repair your database.

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Northwind Customer Phone List

Northwind Customer Phone List

Video 2 (2:46)

Your question reminded me of a Form I know about from an early version of the Microsoft Northwind Sample database. (DOWNLOAD HERE) The Northwind database is a database provided by Microsoft to demonstrate the functionality available in Microsoft Access. It’s for demonstration purposes only, and you shouldn’t use it for doing accounts, not unless you change some things as described on my website here:- Northwind Problem and Solution In the YouTube Video I show the Form, and I point out a feature that I think might be useful to you and that is an Option Group, but not a normal Option Group, it’s an option group containing letters (Toggle Buttons). A very clever idea. as many of the features demonstrated in the Northwind Sample database are. They are well worth exploring to see what you can do with Microsoft Access and I recommend everyone should download your own copy to peruse.

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Video 2 (2:46)

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