Custom Database Property

Did you know you can add a Custom Property to your MS Access Database file? You add it to the actual mdb or ACCDB, and yes it even works with mde or ACCDE!

You can add things like a:-

  • Copy Right Notice
  • Author/Programmer Name
  • dB Version
  • Languages
  • Serial Numbers
  • Usage Count
  • Last saved Date
  • User Name

The code is available from this link:-

A working example Demo MS Access Database is available. See details below…

Custom Database Property

Custom Database Property

Video 1 (03:44)

A recent question on Access World Forums (AWF) an OP asked whether you could get the value from a database. Reading the question I realised that he wanted to get the version number of the database:-

Hi guise, thanks a lot for your replies! It is an issue of version managing.

You can see the FULL question here:-

How can I get a Constant value from in an mde file?

I realised that one solution would be to Create a Custom Property for the actual database. I’m always creating custom properties for forms, but seldom need to at the Database level. Here was an opportunity to demonstrate creating a property at the ACCDB (mdb) level..

I wasn’t 100% sure whether it would work with ACCDE (mde) format I was pretty sure it would, but to be sure, I set about testing it.

The downloadable zip file contains 5 files, as detailed below:-

I have created two databases in ACCDB versions.

I made a ACCDE version so that you can see it works with a protected database.

I converted the first 2 into mdb format, I thought you might not have access to the ACCDB format

When I tried to convert the mdb format to mde format I got an error message.

Custom Database Property

Video 1 (03:44)

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