Touch Screen Forms

Touch Screen Forms

Touch Screen Forms first published in 2008 on”MS ACCESS HINTS, TIPS & VIDEOS” a former NING hosted version of Nifty Access. I’m now moving moving it over to the Nifty Access Website!

In answer to this post “Keypad for Multiple Forms” I found another use for the “Call Called” Class Module Which I originally developed for the a “Calendar Form”. The OP “Piet” is building an application that requires data entry through a touch screen, he has created one form (touch screen) for entering characters, one for entering numbers. I modified the calendar form slightly so that it could be used as a touch screen as well, however the new calendar form is not finished, it will need some modification to go forward and back through the months and the same through the years. In the process of getting the forms “frmkeypad” and “frmNumberpad” working, I added the “Call Called” Custom Class module as used with the calendar form to these new forms. I also took the opportunity to make the code more generic so that it would fit easily into another form if the need for this rises again, I am thinking of a calculator form next. You can download HERE the sample database containing these three new forms, three forms specifically designed to aid touch screen data entry. In a file named:


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