Nifty Date Picker

Nifty Date Picker

There are some excellent date pickers available on the internet. So why should you chose the "Nifty Date Picker"?

First of all I've included details of my thought processes when I constructed it, including where I went wrong! This in itself will prove useful for anyone who wants to build stuff in MS Access.

It also gives you a very good handle on it, particularly if you want to modify this nifty date picker for your own particular use. I have also included a presentation, and a YouTube explaining how it works.

If that's not enough, then watch this space! This is just a beginning, I intend incorporating this "Nifty Date Picker" (Calendar Control) with my "Nifty Call Called" Class Module. The combination of the two will add some sophisticated functionality with benefit of ease of use.

With the class module added, you just need to call the Pop-Up calendar form "Nifty Date Picker" from any control and it will just work. It will take the caption from the Controls label and use that as the caption for the popup calendar form without you doing a thing! No coding!

Simulated After Update Event

By adding a simple piece of VBA code to your calling form, then the calendar form will be able to simulate the afterupdate event of the control it is associated with. This means if you have two dates, a person's date of birth, and today's date, then the code will automatically calculate the person's age without you having to press any other button. I haven't seen this functionality anywhere else.

Other benefits, the class module is a class! In essence it's a very simple class,  plus I've done a playlist on YouTube here which runs through the functionality of the class module and also how to associate it with your own pop-up form.

Object Oriented – Nifty Access

Nifty Date Picker - Free!

Nifty Date Picker - For "ALL" Versions of MS Access

Video 1 (18:39)

In this YouTube video  I demonstrate the Free “Nifty Date Picker” Suitable for “ALL” Versions of MS Access” I show you how to put together your own Nifty Date Picker Form.

Why? Well a lot of code examples are only available in the later versions of MS Access (accdb). This means Some examples won’t work in earlier versions of MS Access. I realised this could apply to my Nifty Date Picker it may not work in older versions of MS Access.

To Download the VBA code:- CLICK HERE

and then construct the “Nifty Date Picker” by following the YouTube video instructions…

Hey Presto” You have a Free copy of the “Nifty Date Picker” that will work in ANY VERSION of MS Access.

Alternatively save yourself a lot of time and trouble and download the ready-made Access Date Picker – click on the link below:-
If you are like me, then you probably object to spending money on something you think you should have done yourself. Or maybe you feel guilty for paying for something you could have got for free. But look at it like this, I’ve done the work for you, it’s there waiting for you to use – no hassle – no trouble, and for what? The price of a cup of coffee! I’d love a coffee! press the button go on! Buy Me one!

Video 1 (18:39)

Nifty Access YouTube Thumb Nail
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Nifty Date Picker - User Case Examples

Select Date & Use It In a Query

Select Date & Use It In a Query

Video 1 (6:21)

This version of the “Nifty Date Picker” demonstrates how to use the date selected in code on the form it was called from. This is a custom situation, and custom code. I also have a solution which uses a Class Module which would make the Code generic and enable it to work with any form in any situation. See my website for more information about the clsCallCalled Class Module. For the purposes of the demonstration I have added dates to the Sample file:- 12th Aug 2019 and 19th Aug 2019. If you click on either the 12th or the 19th you will see the results for those dates returned in the Query.

… …

More Useful Stuff HERE:-

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