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Nifty Date Picker -Updated

This page is about the new “Nifty Date Picker” which supersedes the old original “Nifty Date Picker”.

If you’re looking for the original “Nifty Date Picker”, just click THIS LINK and you will be taken to the webpage.

The new “Nifty Date Picker” has some Nifty New features, it has a combobox for selecting the year, 10 above and 10 below… Easy to to add future or past dates. It has a “Restore Button” which restores a previous date. Useful if you’re not sure you select the correct date. You get 3 Versions, a tiny version like the original, a big version which is awesome!

And the pièce de résistance, you get a 3-month “Nifty Date Picker” allowing you to easily choose months around the Date, from the past month and the future month. Click here to go back to the main “Nifty Date Picker” menu to see all options.

I have also included a template Date Picker Form for creating a “Nifty Date Picker” at exactly the size you want! See YouTube demonstration here:- Nifty Date Picker Template – Nifty Access

Nifty Date Picker - Update - Nifty Access

Nifty Date Picker - Update - Nifty Access

Video 1 (5:23)

“Nifty Date Picker” update from Nifty Access. In this YouTube, “Nifty Date Picker – Update – Nifty Access” I go through the modifications.

There are two, new Combo Boxes showing “Years” and the “Months”. Theres a “Restore” button, allowing the restoration of a previous Date. The best feature is a “Three Month” Date Picker Form. All in all, you’ve got 4 forms, the 3 Months Form, the one similar to the original, and an enormous big one! Theres a fourth Form a “Template”. The Template Form allows you to quickly and easily build a “Nifty Date Picker” to whatever size you like. See this video showing how to do this… “Nifty Date Picker Template – Nifty Access”

In the YEAR Combo, notice that 2033 is in the middle of the list so now I can go up/down roughly 10 years each side of the 2033 date. This works for ANY DATE, not Just 2033…

The “Month Selector” starts at the current month, the month of whatever today’s date is, instead of having it January through to December.

“Restore” is available while your form is open, until you close the Form. It only restores the most recent change, it doesn’t manage changes over a long period.

The standard “Nifty Date Picker” it’s similar to the original “Nifty Date Picker” except it now has a “Restore Button”, combo box selectors and captures the Textbox Caption.

Notice that the “Nifty Date Picker” gets the caption of the form, from the text box label.

Video 1 (5:23)

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