MS Access Links

MS Access Links

I gather links from all over the internet related to MS Access, and of course other things of interest to me in creating novel MS Access Solutions. I was finding it difficult to maintain lists of links on the Nifty Access Website, that is, until I found this WordPress plug-in:- “Inline Google Spreadsheet Viewer” By Meitar Moscovitz… Now it’s a Doddle!!! I can easily add any links into a Google spreadsheet and they automatically appear in the List. No website editing, just a simple process of adding something to a spreadsheet.

Useful Access URL's

Access Web and Desktop Advice
Brilliant Video on Access 2010 MultiValued ComboBox
Data Modeling 101
Database Development Examples
Description of database normalization basics in Access 2000
FunctionX Tutorials
Generate Random Data Online
Helen Feddema
How I Exported an Attachment fields data to a folder
How to Create a Stock Management Database
How to return multiple values from a VBA function (Part 1)
J Street Developer Downloads
Khan Academy - Learn SQL
Martin Green's Access Tips
Microsoft Access Database Tutorial – Learn How To Use Microsoft Access
Microsoft Access interview questions
Microsoft Office/Access Basic Exam
MS Access Useful Code
Roger's Access Blog
Smart Access Articles
SQL Server Central
Sub Queries
Using class modules to create your own objects KB
Webforms can use VBA forms? - Interesting!!!
Welcome To Roger's Access Library
WWW SQL Designer
Microsoft Access Email FAQ - Tony Toews
Soft-coded event handlers ChrisO
Mastering the Combo Box NotInList Event
Bag Of Cows - Regular Expression Playground
Database Issue Checker Utility
Nice easy to understand SQL site
Build an Unmatched Query with SQL
Unmatched SQL - Jon K - Can I use NOT EXISTS instead of NOT IN?
Finding All Records in One Table but Not Another (FMS)
Tutorials for Microsoft® Access
Darragh Murray Percentage Field Formatting
Balance Brackets
Create Table DAO
Good Example of a SubQuery
Surviving subqueries
Article from Philipp Stiefel - Date Format
Move Items From One Listbox to Another Listbox by MajP
Tree View Control - VBA
Format SQL with "Poor SQL"
SQL Validator Checker
The MsgBox function takes five arguments
Table to Exclude Data From a Query
Hilite - converts your code - USE:- Lang VB.Net - Style vs
Database Answers - Data Models in 50 categories
Tab Control Password
Audit Trail
Microsoft Access and Google Calendar
Dev Hut
Iterating over MS Access Dictionary
Running Sum In Query.mdb (beginner)
Combobox - Why Doesn't the Dropdown sustain?
Manipulating XL via VBA
Helen Feddema (NEW)
List details horizontally
Gina Whipp - Conditional Row Shading on a Continuous Form
Allen Browne - Inventory Control: Quantity on Hand
My MS Access Blog (Not Mine)
Excel In Access
Learn Structured Query Language online
Grumpy Old DBA
How Many Legs? An Exercise in Classes and Objects
Professor David West - OOP is Dead! Long Live OODD!
Access OOP examples wanted
Microsoft Access interview questions
Extract field names from a table/query ADO/DAO
How to Connect to Your MySQL Database Remotely Using ODBC
Using Microsoft Access as a Front-end to MySQL
dbSeeChanges option with OpenRecordSet when accessing a SQL Server
Are linked tables the best way to use SQL Server?
@@Identity Private GDoc
Report - Dynamic Filtering
Avoid when using VBA Recordset
BatchCollisionCount - Recordset.Update method (DAO)
Generate Word Doc from MS Access
Export Tbl-Qry To Excl Worksheet / Workbook
Data Gnostics - Microsoft Access Tips and Tricks
Vlad Cucinschi - MS Access Developer
Vlad Cucinschi - Pivot Table Designer
Access VBA to Create Pivot Table Reports
Backup Recommended by Richard (Doc)
Permissions based on Users Level - Gina Whipp
PDF on MS Access Techniques By Susan J. Dorey
MORE from Susan J. Dorey here:-
Stock/Inventory Video - with Free Download
Pat - Exporting to Excel
Pat - Do Validation in forms before update Event
Prevent Circular References
Excelling Automatically - Doug Steele
USA Data sets - (See Terms & conditions to use in UK)
Creation of Ribbons in Access 2007/2010
MontaRibbons v.7.0 Wizard create ribbons in Access
Writing readable code: Try* pattern - Error Code for Objects
Dynamic Report based on a Crosstab query
MS Access Templates from Microsoft
All About Aggregate Queries Using Access 2016
Understanding Advanced MySQL Concepts
Tips for Newbies by HillTJ on AWF
Dynalist - Minimal Mindmap
Randomizing Data Random by Micron
Allen Brownes "Search Form"
Access and SQL Tips -Dynamic Reports Re:- JDraw
Parts of a Form (images) exploded
Module:- bas_BanishIndexes -Author:- Jim Doherty http://www.Bytes.com
Taking a scenic drive through Access 3 PowerPoints
Examples of using dates as criteria in Access queries
How to use Criteria in MS Access - 4 Videos
Send eMail to Multiple Recipients - Gina Whipp
Automatic Error Handling in Access
Add "(All)" to a combo box or list box
Crystal - Expert Tutoring and Training
Free Access TOOLS and Books - Crystal Long
Extracting data from a closed Excel Spreadsheet ADO
Wiring up your common click procedure
Search As you Type for Microsoft Access Combobox
A comment "Uncle Gizmo" made to a difficult AWF Newby
Navigation Form with Ease - by ArnelGP
Remote Subforms - Galaxiom - Master/Child - will work across
Automatic Form Resizing by "isladogs" (Colin)
Create/Populate module from VBA - Doc Man
Windows API Decs - Updated for the 64-bit
MS Access Report – dynamically collapse groups
Good Thread on Null & vbNullString & vbNull & More!
vbWatchdog - Professional error handling for VBA
vbWatchdog Error handler for VBA from, by Peter Cole - Access Lunchtime
Implement User Preferences in MS Access - By Danny Lesandrini
Message Box MsgBox - Bitmask - Re:- MajP - AWF
Creating Pseudo Custom Controls with Class Modules - MajP
Numbered Query - Roger's Access Library
Continuous Form Like a Datasheet - CJ Loncon
Many To Many Blog
Difference between "&" and "+" used to concatenate - Pat Harman
Add a value to a bound combo box
Restore Database Objects (LoadFromText)
SQL to VBA & Back Again - Colin - Mendip Systems - isladogs
How And Why To Decompile An Access Database
Evaluate - an expression (Text) *** Eval ***
Improve dB Speed - CJ London
C Pearson - Excel VBA code - Could be adapted to MS Access
Forensics, password recovery and decryption tools by Thegrideon Software.
Test Regular Expressions "REGEX" "regex"
Peter Cole 64-bit API converter
Convert Windows API declarations in VBA for 64-bit
Win32API_PtrSafe with 64-bit Support
Common Table Expressions (CTEs) Available in SQL Server database Only
How to find unused object/items? - MajP
1D Barcode Generator - From ArnelGP
This excellent plugin for displaying Google Sheets in a WordPress website is just absolutely fantastic!
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