KeyGen – License Key Validation

KeyGen - License Key Validation

KeyGen is a popular web service that offers a comprehensive set of licensing features, including license key generation, validation, and activation. It provides a RESTful API for integrating license management into your applications.

I wanted to integrate KeyGen’s key generation features into an MS Access database. However, I couldn’t find any VBA code examples on the KeyGen website. I did come across a C# code example though. Since I knew that ChatGPT has the ability to convert code from one language to another, I decided to utilize it. I copied the C# code and pasted it into ChatGPT, requesting it to convert the code to VBA. However, there was a slight confusion as ChatGPT initially assumed I wanted VB.NET code. Thankfully, I clarified the desired language, and the conversion proceeded smoothly. There were a couple of minor assumptions made by ChatGPT that were easily rectified. In less than half an hour, I successfully obtained a working example of using KeyGen in an MS Access database by leveraging the converted VBA code.

KeyGen - In MS Access

KeyGen - In MS Access

Video 1 (2:39)

In the video, I provide an overview of the C# code available on the KeyGen website. Then, I demonstrate the code conversion process from C# to VBA using ChatGPT. Finally, I walk through an example of the VBA code used behind the form, which successfully performs a demo test when the command button is pressed.

The sample database can be downloaded from the Gumroad website. For a limited time, you can get a free copy by using the coupon code: FVA2J90.

Video 1 (2:39)

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