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Insert VBA Code Snippets

A useful feature of MS Access is the ability to insert VBA Code Snippets from the insert file menu option.

Basically you keep all your Code Snippets in text files in a folder on your computer, that’s it! It’s also possible to create, edit and update the files on the go, as you work, creating your VBA code. In this video I demonstrate how to do it.

Global Variables 1

Everyone will tell you you shouldn’t use global variables. There are good reasons for this but I won’t go into those. I will just show you in this video what you can do instead!

SQL Insert Statement

Formatting SQL statements can be a pain. It is often a source of errors and difficult to discover where the error is. The solution is quite simple as with any coding, “divide and conquer” in this video I show you an easy way to format your SQL statements so that you removed any chance of errors creeping in!