Tony Hine who operates under the handle “Uncle Gizmo” has received thanks and acknowledgement from many of the people he has helped. Tony really enjoys the process of sussing out the OP’s problem and coming up with a suitable answer.

Uncle Gizmo

Data Entry in form filtered combobox ... ... Thank you Uncle Gizmo!
Thanks Uncle Gizmo - I've watched several of your videos and they've been very helpful.
Hi Tony, good tutorial, thanks for sharing
janez novak
You Tube
Re: Creating Form from multiple tables ... ... Hi, That blog post was pretty useful, thanks!
Eric Dang
You Tube
I am using my database to store records about an archive and create a super easy search facility for keywords. Uncle Gizmo's Search Form proved to be very easy to implement as I could add more fields and customise it to fit my needs. The VBA is fully commented so I could understand the logic that you used to code the "Search Form" and it made it easier for me to understand. Moreover, the tutorial videos were super helpful as they showed step by step how to customise the form.
Nice job explaining how to tackle an Access checklist. Very thorough and well-paced.
I needed a one click solution to generate and save multiple MS Access reports as PDF's and Tony Hine's ReportsOpenLoadOf code provided that, after countless hours of searching. His website: Nifty Access is one of the best written, and has videos that are easy to comprehend. I highly recommend his resources.
Uncle Gizmo, I actually followed your example in the 6 videos you lead me to earlier. That’s the way I will construct SQL statements from here on out. Thanks you have been a big help with me getting this accomplished.
Re: Refer to form dynamically from a module ... ... Thanks Gizmo. The first suggestion worked a treat
Re: How is this control a hyperlink? ... ... Thank you Uncle Gizmo,
Tab control password ... ... Brill!! -thanks Gizmo
I would like to know more of OOP. I I have seen some of Uncle Gizmo's video and they're very good.
This helped me a lot!!! I really appreciate the video especially! I realized I need to start over on setting up my database.
Re: Repeat Subform last field entry x amount of times using command button ... ... Thank you, took me a while to understand your genius and implement it! Much appreciated
watching you on YouTube....I now know how to "Go advanced" and make my code look tidier
That's great, thanks Tony!
In an attempt to further optimize our Customer Relations database, I stumbled upon Tony's excellent video tutorial on Advanced Search Criteria on YouTube. Following his clear instructions I was able to implement an advanced search form that allows us to work even more efficiently with our database. Thanks a lot Tony.
Dan Brown
Customer Relations Manager &
part-time Access Developer

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Thank you all!

Thank you all very much for your acknowledgement of the effort I put in, it is much appreciated.

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