Free Nifty Code

Free Nifty Code

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Building a Search Form - Code

Create Many Records

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File - Generate Multiple Reports - Nifty Access

Combo Boxes Filter Results ALL or Some

… …

Display Field Data Horizontally

Gmail with VBA

… …

Subform Record Duplicator

Show Related Value In a Subform

… …

Option Group Label Color Change

Transpose Tool - Nifty Access

… …

Time Management Matrix

Barcode Font for MS Access

… …

VBA Beginner - VBA Queries - P2

Adding Hobbies to a Student Database

… …

Nifty Date Picker - For MS Access

Open One Form From Another

PDF - List To Data - Nifty Access

PDF - Generate Multiple Reports - Nifty Access

Nifty Show/Hide & Export to Excel - MS Access

Loop Through a Set of Controls

More Coming SOON!!!

More to Follow!

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