MS Access Links

MS Access Links I gather links from all over the internet related to MS Access, and of course other things of interest to me in creating novel MS Access Solutions. I was finding it difficult to maintain lists of links on the Nifty Access Website, that is, until I found this WordPress plug-in:- “Inline Google … Read more MS Access Links

Is This Control a Hyperlink

Is This Control a Hyperlink? Gasman asked the Question:- Hi all, In the Northwind 2007 database, the id control on the form for Customer List appears to be a hyperlink. However I can not see how this is done.? The isHyperlink property is set to no. Al I can find is in the Tag property … Read more Is This Control a Hyperlink

Nifty Gotcha’s

Nifty Gotcha’s Most of the time MS Access provide some Nifty features which help you develop your code. However sometimes MS Access can be too helpful; the additions alterations to your code that MS Access makes can really mess you up! I’ve started a list of them here:- Access takes Liberties MS Access takes Liberties … Read more Nifty Gotcha’s

Move Info from One Table to Another

Move Info from One Table to Another A brief summary summary of the “OP’s” (Original Posters) question HERE. I’ve done a set of YouTube videos to answer the question. The first answer demonstrates the INSERT INTO method of adding records to another table. This method is where you update the underlying table by adding a … Read more Move Info from One Table to Another

Multi Value Fields Links

Multi Value Fields Links Can you imagine in Microsoft offices, some bright spark, probably someone from marketing comes in and says, MS Access Needs “Multivalued Fields” – we’re going to make MS Access easier for people to use! Can you imagine, all the developers jumping up and down and shouting NO! I can understand the … Read more Multi Value Fields Links

Pull out Percentages

Pull out Percentages abinjoseph posed the question:- I have a table that I need to search to pull out data. The value needs to found based on salary and if it falls within a range and then all a percentage rate. This was my answer to the question. I am unsure if it was useful … Read more Pull out Percentages

Loop Through a Set of Controls

Loop Through a Set of Controls A common requirement is to check a set of controls for a particular value or condition. Here I demonstrate two methods. The technique employed is what I call the “For Each Control in Me Controls” – it’s a technique where you interrogate each control “in/on” the Form in turn. … Read more Loop Through a Set of Controls

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