Spell Checker Popup Form

Spell Checker Popup Form Spell Checker Popup Form In answering the question in this Thread,  http://www.access-programmers.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?p=767936 missinglinq demonstrated an excellent way of spell checking a text box (text and memo field) text entries. I realised that a Class Module I was developing would probably be put to good use in solving this problem as well! … Read more Spell Checker Popup Form

Subform – Time Management Matrix Example

Time Management Matrix This example demonstrates how you can can use “Instances” of a Form multiple times. You place the copies on the main form as “Sub-Forms” It’s an interesting way of programming, and with this technique you can quickly develop Forms with exceptional properties and uses with very little coding… Subform Example Subform Example … Read more Subform – Time Management Matrix Example

Subform Record Duplicator

Subform Record Duplicator Nifty Access – “Subform Record Replicator” allows you to provide your user with the facility to quickly add sets of duplicate records in a subform. All they need do is specify the number of Records they want to add, select a record to copy, and hey presto you’ve got a load of … Read more Subform Record Duplicator

Control Records Displayed in a Subform

Control Records Displayed in Subform Control Records Displayed in a Subform Video 1 (5:18) Klingest Asked — What I want to do is, that when you select a record in the subform showing “tblCalculation”, the related values from “tblSubCalculation” shall be displayed in the other subform.  How can I do that? In this video I answer … Read more Control Records Displayed in a Subform


Sub-Forms Subforms are the best and most useful feature of MS Access. Why? Because they allow you to show related data easily. I think subforms are so important and useful that I wrote a blog about them here:- MS Access your Data with Sub-Forms Subforms can easily display parent/child related data. This is the most … Read more Sub-Forms

Easy Search Criteria

Easy Search Criteria More years ago than I care to remember, I created this Search Form. It was one of my first Adventures into MS Access VBA. Later, when I was looking for a subject which I could use as a way of introducing people into the world of VBA, it was this Search Form … Read more Easy Search Criteria

Adding Hobbies Transcript

Transcript of the Video:- Adding Hobbies to a Student Database Create 3 tables, tblHobby tblStudent tblStudentHobby. The construction of them will be like this, so from that information you should be able to reconstruct those tables. Now highlight tblSudent press create, create a form, close it. Give it a name frmStudent now do the same with … Read more Adding Hobbies Transcript

Northwind Problem and Solution

Northwind Problem and Solution If you use the Northwind database as a basis for your business application then there is a problem that you should be aware of. The sample Northwind database supplied by Microsoft provides some excellent insights in how you should program an MS Access application. However if you decide to use it … Read more Northwind Problem and Solution

Many to Many Relationship

Many to Many Relationship – 3 Video’s In their simplest form Many to Many relationships are just two columns in a table. The first column representing one side of the Many to Many Relationship and the other column representing the other side of the many to many Relationship. In this particular example we have students … Read more Many to Many Relationship