Prevent Duplicates

Prevent Duplicates When entering data into a subform, particularly when you select The data from a combobox, then you probably don’t want the user to be able to select the same item twice. You may want to count the various entries at some stage and having duplicates would just make this inaccurate. There are numerous … Read more Prevent Duplicates

Spell Checker Popup Form

Spell Checker Popup Form Spell Checker Popup Form In answering the question in this Thread, missinglinq demonstrated an excellent way of spell checking a text box (text and memo field) text entries. I realised that a Class Module I was developing would probably be put to good use in solving this problem as well! … Read more Spell Checker Popup Form

Sticky Form Builder

Sticky Form Builder A “Sticky Form” is a Form that stays put! How many times have you opened up a pop-up form and had to move it to one side because it’s covering up exactly what you want to look at! It’s bloody annoying! I was pretty sure it was possible to make a Form … Read more Sticky Form Builder

Insert Into SQL Statement

INSERT INTO SQL Statement I regularly see messages on MS Access Forums where people are struggling to make the INSERT INTO SQL Statement work. I can understand why, for a start the error messages (if you get any) have very little relationship to what is actually wrong. The syntax, the usual suspect, is a minefield, … Read more Insert Into SQL Statement

Nifty Date Picker

Nifty Date Picker There are some excellent date pickers available on the internet. So why should you chose the “Nifty Date Picker”? First of all I’ve included details of my thought processes when I constructed it, including where I went wrong! This in itself will prove useful for anyone who wants to build stuff in … Read more Nifty Date Picker

Subform – Time Management Matrix Example

Time Management Matrix This example demonstrates how you can can use “Instances” of a Form multiple times. You place the copies on the main form as “Sub-Forms” It’s an interesting way of programming, and with this technique you can quickly develop Forms with exceptional properties and uses with very little coding… Subform Example Subform Example … Read more Subform – Time Management Matrix Example