Spell Checker Popup Form

Spell Checker Popup Form Nifty Spell Checker PopUp Form Nifty Spell Checker Pop-Up Form Video 1 (1:42) This video demonstrates the spell checker pop-up working Product Details and Download Video 1 (1:42) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a3T8Xw9BVag … … Nifty Spell Checker – Setup Nifty Spell Checker – Setup the Pop Up! Video 2 (4:29) In this video I demonstrate how to … Read more Spell Checker Popup Form

VBA Beginner

VBA Beginner If you want to learn VBA and how to use it in MS Access then this is a good place to start. These videos lead you through from creating a simple Command Button right through to manipulating an SQL Statement. Once you have completed this set of videos, you can move on to … Read more VBA Beginner

Move Info from One Table to Another

Move Info from One Table to Another A brief summary summary of the “OP’s” (Original Posters) question HERE. I’ve done a set of YouTube videos to answer the question. The first answer demonstrates the INSERT INTO method of adding records to another table. This method is where you update the underlying table by adding a … Read more Move Info from One Table to Another

Loop Through a Set of Controls

Loop Through a Set of Controls A common requirement is to check a set of controls for a particular value or condition. Here I demonstrate two methods. The technique employed is what I call the “For Each Control in Me Controls” – it’s a technique where you interrogate each control “in/on” the Form in turn. … Read more Loop Through a Set of Controls

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