Multi Value Fields Links

Multi Value Fields Links Consider a scene at a Microsoft office where an innovative individual, perhaps from the marketing team, suggests, “MS Access requires ‘Multivalued Fields’ 💡 – our aim is to simplify the usage of MS Access for individuals!” Envision the developers emphatically voicing their dissent. 😒 The viewpoint of the marketing team is … Read more

Pull out Percentages

Pull out Percentages abinjoseph posed the question:- I have a table that I need to search to pull out data. The value needs to found based on salary and if it falls within a range and then all a percentage rate. This was my answer to the question. I am unsure if it was useful … Read more

Loop Through a Set of Controls

Loop Through a Set of Controls A common requirement is to check a set of controls for a particular value or condition. Here, I demonstrate two methods. The technique employed is what I call the “For Each Control in Me Controls” – it’s a technique where you interrogate each control “in/on” the Form in turn. … Read more

Form Load, Activate, Open, Issue, – Form Load Events

Form Load Events When you first open a form, the following events occur in this order: Load Events, Open, Load, Resize, Activate, Current…. Now you could be forgiven for expecting that a value passed into a form would be available for the form’s events to use. However it’s not! These videos show you a way … Read more

Lock, Unlock Controls

Lock, Unlock Controls A problem that crops up from time to time is the need to handle a Group of Controls differently from the rest of the Controls on a Form.Usually this is the need to Lock the Controls so that Data cannot be changed, and conversely Unlock them. However it may be the need … Read more

Gmail from MS Access, VBA, Excel, Word…

Gmail from MS Access, VBA, Excel, Word… “Send a Secret Email” Escape From Outlook Video 1  (0:56) Escape From Outlook Microsoft tightly combine their applications together however sometimes it’s nice to escape from Microsoft Products and use others.  Here I demonstrate how you can use Google Mail to send out an e-mail from an Internet … Read more

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