Simulated Option Group

This page relates to the first iteration of the “Simulated Option Group” which is now called the “Nifty Option Group”… The “Nifty Option Group” is the latest version, the maintained version, and can be found here:- “Nifty Option Group” – Is HERE – Click Me!!! Simulated Option Group The normal MS Access Option Groups … Read more

Find The Caption of a Label Attached to a Textbox

Getting the Caption of a Textbox Label Getting the Caption of a Textbox Label Caption of a Label Attached to a Textbox You might think getting the caption of Textbox Label would be just as simple as getting the caption of a Command Button. However it’s a little bit more involved. I run through the … Read more


Use “Value” or Not? I’ve noticed a couple of minor glitches caused by the default of a ‘textbox’, the value; not being assigned explicitly. It’s not a big problem and I don’t think it will affect many people, possibly nobody! However I think there’s a good blog in it for someone, possibly me, when I’ve … Read more

Attach a Label

Attach a Label Attach a missing label – Nifty Access – The problem you are facing is, you’ve got a Control and it’s missing its Label. To duplicate the situation, first create a Textbox on an MS Access Form. Created a text box with a label. When you move the text box, the Label moves … Read more

VBA Beginner

VBA Beginner If you want to learn VBA and how to use it in MS Access then this is a good place to start. These videos lead you through from creating a simple Command Button right through to manipulating an SQL Statement. Once you have completed this set of videos, you can move on to … Read more

List Box Default Selection

List Box Default Please be aware that while upgrading the Nifty Access Website I discovered this post. I tried to link it back to the original post on Access World Forums, however I couldn’t I find the post. I found one that looks similar, but I don’t think it is the correct one! I’m going … Read more

Move Info from One Table to Another

Move Info from One Table to Another A brief summary summary of the “OP’s” (Original Posters) question HERE. I’ve done a set of YouTube videos to answer the question. The first answer demonstrates the INSERT INTO method of adding records to another table. This method is where you update the underlying table by adding a … Read more

Control Wizard (Access 2007)

Control Wizard The Control Wizard is a very handy feature of MS Access. It provides built-in wizards, which simplify many of the processes you have to partake in to build your MS Access database. Button Wizard (Access 2007) Button Wizard (Access 2007) Video 1 (2:09) Demonstrate how to use the MS Access (2007) command button wizard … Read more

Enable or Disable a Text box

Enable or Disable by Command In this video I demonstrate how to make a control appear greyed out. In other words, you can’t do anything with it. I demonstrate the process by using two separate command buttons, however it is possible to do it with a single command button. I have a video demonstrating this, … Read more

Vertical Text in Label and TextBox

Vertical Text If you’re stuck for real estate, (a crowded jumbled Form) a particularly busy Form then one way of getting a bit more room might be to have a label oriented vertically. An alternative would be to take stuff off your Form and put it on a pop-up Form. You can see my blog … Read more

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