Pass Info In to a Report

Passing Information to a Report Often, I see examples where people pass information between Forms and Reports using Opening Arguments “openArgs” … I did this myself until I happened upon an article, I think it was from “Smart Access” which explained a very satisfying way of Passing information around. The method still employs Opening Arguments … Read more

Nifty Help System

Nifty Help System There are many ingenious ways to offer help to your MS Access Application user. One of the simplest ways is to store the help information in the table. But it’s not so simple because every place that you want to provide help, you will have to add the code to open the … Read more

Run-time error 438

Run-time error 438 Run-time error 438 – Object doesn't support this property or method. – (Microsoft Access)  This problem often occurs when you Loop through a set of controls with a For Next Loop. It happens because you are examining the properties of a control. However not all controls have the same properties. Different Controls, … Read more

Insert File

Insert File There’s a fantastic, useful, clever feature of MS Access (actually I think it’s in all of the VBA products) where you can store code snippets in the normal file structure of Windows. Basically you have a folder which is accessed quickly and easily through the — >>>Insert >>>File — menu. This menu is … Read more

Display a Message for the User

Display a Message for the User There are many ingenious ways to offer help to your MS Access Application user. In a help table in a Text Box. There is a YouTube video by way of explanation here, and a downloadable example database. Display Message inside TextBox Display a Message for the User Video 1 (1:24) … Read more

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