Use "Value" or Not?

I’ve noticed a couple of minor glitches caused by the default of a ‘textbox’, the value; not being assigned explicitly. It’s not a big problem and I don’t think it will affect many people, possibly nobody! However I think there’s a good blog in it for someone, possibly me, when I’ve got the time, or someone else might pick it up and carry it…

I haven’t done any research on this. I’m just recording instances where I notice a problem. Hopefully I, or someone else will have time to investigate more thoroughly. The first time I noticed the problem was when converting a macro into VBA code.  See my Blog about it HERE:-

TempVars Value Error

I think it was the macro from the sample Northwind database, and in particular it was in the login form. If my recollection is correct, the conversion assigned a textbox value to a TempVar. The problem I noticed was that it tried to assign the textbox as control, therefore it did not automatically extract the value from the textbox it tried to assign the textbox as a control which caused an error.

I considered this a minor glitch and would very seldom cause anyone a problem and put it to the back of my mind.

If you’re not familiar with the Northwind Sample Database, then I’ve done a quick video demonstrating how to install and use it here:-    Setup the Northwind dB 

However whilst researching

“DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdSaveAsOutlookContact”

which I also found in the Sample Northwind Database.

I took a particular interest in it because it was a command I hadn’t come across before.

Whilst researching it, I ran across this thread:-   Save as Outlook Contact Problem 

Which harkens back to a similar error with the value of a textbox. Hence I’m putting two and two together and possibly making Five> I note some similarity between my two observations and thought it’s worth recording…

My thinking is if there is any possibility of your textbox value being assigned to a control variable, then you must use value explicitly. In some ways this sentence doesn’t make much sense! I think it’s just my paranoia…. possibly… who said that?

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