Navigation Pane Stopper

This code stops a Form from being opened from the Navigation Pane. This Code prevents the user from opening a Form from the navigation pane. This is necessary if you have developed a Form which should only be open from another Form. In other words, a Form that passes information back to the Form that opened it.
The terms I use for these type of Forms are “Call Called” as in you have a Form which is “Called” (the one you are opening) and you have the Form that is being opened, that’s the “Called” Form >>> Call — Called.

Private Sub Form_Open(Cancel As Integer)
'Application.CurrentObjectName Property (Access)
Dim strCurrentName As String
strCurrentName = Application.CurrentObjectName
    If strCurrentName = Me.Name Then
       Cancel = True
       Exit Sub
    End If
End Sub 'Form_Open