Excel in Access (Parts 1, 2 and 3 as Video Instructions)


Convert an Excel “Contacts” Spreadsheet to MS Access
Video 1  (6:00)
Choosing the Data to Transpose

The video explores a table which is in “flat file” format, suggests how you can choose which rows and columns would possibly benefit from being transposed into a new table, then demo’s how to do this with the tool provided (A Form)

Video 2  (3:23)
Remove Redundant Data

Explains how to remove redundant data from the table produced above, identifies a field that would benefit from being converted into a lookup table, and shows how to create a look up table from this field.

Video 3  (3:12)
Setting up the “Lookup” Table

Using the above look up table demonstrates how to replace the “text data” with a number which links the former text (now in the look up table) with the original row/record.

Video 4  (5:10)
Create Datasheet Form

demonstrates how to create a form in datasheet view, and add a combo box to display the look up data

Video 5  (4:00)
Display the Data in a Subform

and then display that form as a sub form showing the telephone number, communication media list, as related to the contact

Free (MS Access) Normalization Tool

Excel in Access (Part 1)
Excel in Access (Part 2)
Excel in Access (Part 3)

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