Checklist Sample dB How to Check ALL

Demonstrate how to change all of the checkboxes from False to True and True to False.

Mark all the Check Boxes as true or false with a Command Button.

Add a Command Button. Create a query based on the the table tblData.

Demonstrate how to create an Update Query and then extract the SQL of the query and use that in your VBA code.

It’s best to put the spaces at the end of the SQL strings.

Show how to add a reference to a control on the form within your VBA code in particular a reference within the SQL statement.

The reference to the text box should return the value by default however it’s good practice implicitly reference the value.

To uncheck them you would change the “True” to “False” in the SQL statement.

Demonstrate how to pass the “true” or “false” through as a parameter in a function.
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