Advanced Message Box

Advanced Message Box

Walk Through of the “Advanced” Message Box

“Advanced” Message Box - Walk Through

Video 1  (8:06)

Message boxes have some advanced features which you may or may not be aware of. In this video I demonstrate some of these advanced features. In the video I mention an old programming technique. I believe I happened across the term for it today, and the term is “Bitwise Comparison” You can see my non-explanation of it here at time index:-

There’s a really nicely done example database on message boxes from Colin on  Access World Forums here:- An Attention Seeking Database


Features include various ways of creating messages to get users’ attention including:
1. Formatted message boxes
2. Customised message boxes with HTML formatting & countdown timer
3. Flashing, scrolling and balloon tooltip text 
4. Dim / blur / remove background
5. Adding warning sounds (use speakers if possible)

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