Add a Check List to your MS Access Database


 Video 0?  (1:41)
An overview of what the finished product will look like
This video was actually compiled last! Hence the unusual numbering employed to get it to the front of the PlayList! No text comment on it is necessary as it is self explanatory.
Video 1  (8:02)
Run through of the PDF Presentation
In this video; I run through this PDF  (DOWNLOAD IT HERE) explaining how it works.
Video 2  (9:26)
Walk through of the Code
1:05 fCopyListToDataOnlyOnce
1:50 Code to check if it is "NULL"
2:00 Function "fCountSQL"
3:05 Current Event for calling the "fCopyListToDataOnlyOnce" Function
4:15 Always bring your code to the top
5:30 From one record to another causes the code to run
6:00 Navigating through he records
6:40 Example of Custom error code working
7:15 Code for trapping "NULL"
8:00 Enter new record to trigger calling of "fCopyListToDataOnlyOnce"
8:15 Shows the new records have been added
8:20 Talk through of what is required in the next Video
Video 3  (6:26)
Master & Sub-Form
0:10 Display a single Checklist
0:30 Create a Form based on a Table
1:40 Save the form as a subform
2:20 Change form to Datasheet view
2:50 Open the master form
2:54 Drag the subform on to the Main form
3:20 Demonstrates that the Master form and the Subform ARE NOT Synchronised
3:50 Selecting the subform/subreport control
4:12 Select the subform/subreport Data tab to edit the link properties
4:50 Selecting the "Link Master Fields" Ellipsis
4:55 Displays the "Subform Field Linker dialog box
5:05 Select the Master & Child Fields
5:25 Demo of the form working in sync
5:45 Preamble of what we will be doing in the next video
Video 4  (7:15)
Setting up the Combo Box
0:20 Preamble through what we will be doing in the video 1:15 Open the sub-form in design view
1:35 Change the Data-items Text box to a Combo box
1:57 Change the combo box name to cboDataItems
2:18 The control source is the tables field "dataItems"
2:30 Change it's Row Source to tblList
3:00 Click Row Source Ellipsis to call up the "Query Builder"
3:15 Drag the fields into the Query builder grid
3:45 Columns are not numbered 1,2,3 but 0,1,2 in MS Access 4:05 Hiding columns in the query builder
4:25 Results are filtered by the 2nd column
4:50 Combo box still not showing the text
5:05 Open the properties window of the combo
5:25 set "Limit to List" to "Yes"
5:30 Set Column count to "2"
5:35 Set the Column widths to 0, 2 (Access converts to cm) 5:55 Now the combo is showing the Text
6:05 The "1" entered as criteria restricts the set of data shown (Although there is currently only one set of data, there will be more in the Play list that demonstrates how to add Multiple Checklists to your MS Access Database. See HERE:-
Video 5  (3:37)
Tidy up the Combo Box and Form Layout
0:15 In the previous video the user could change the combo box entries causing an error. To stop that happening:- 0:25 Open the combos property sheet, go to the "Data" tab 0:30 Set Enabled to "No" and Locked to "Yes"
0:45 Demo of the effectiveness of the change
1:00 Hiding some of the columns in the sub form
1:35 Change the Column headings in the subform datasheet view
2:00 Change the labels Caption to "Ceremony"
2:20 "Ceremony" now appears as a heading in the sub-form 2:45 Preamble of what we will be looking at in the next YouTube play-list!
3:25 How do we add multiple checklists?
See this YouTube PlayList:-
Adding Multiple Check-list to MS Access HERE:-

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