4 – Adding a Checklist to MS Access

Creating a Checklist in MS Access
Display subform in datasheet view
Explain that although we term a subform as if it was something different, it’s not any different, it’s just a normal Form.

Demonstrate that the subform is incorrectly showing a number instead of text

Open the subform in Design view, select the text box that contains the data items. Change the Text box in to a Combo Box.

Make sure you rename the textbox to reflect its a combobox by preceding it with cbo.

The freshly converted combobox will not have a record source.

Select the tblList and then invoke the query Builder.

We want to see the third column however MS Access numbers column’s from 0 to 2 so the third common number is 2 not 3

We don’t want to see the first column however we need its data, so you leave it checked.

Demonstrate that you are seeing the numbers instead of the text..

Set the limit to list to “YES”

Set the column count to two, set the column width to Zero (0) centimetres and two (2) centimetres

Now if you view the form in datasheet view again, it correctly displays the text instead of numbers

Demonstrate how to hide the subform columns

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