Update Excel from MS Access

Update Excel from MS Access Update Excel from MS Access Image 1 Someone asked:- How to update Excel from MS Access? (Access World Forums)  This question reminded me that I had a couple of excellent links hidden away, a couple of links to Microsoft Support where they provide two excellent articles on how to do … Read more

Attach a Label

  Attach a Label Attach a Disconnected Label Video 1 (0:52) Attach a missing label – Nifty Access – The problem you are facing is, you’ve got a Control and it’s missing its Label. To duplicate the situation, first create a Textbox on an MS Access Form. Created a text box with a label. When you … Read more

Setup the Northwind dB

  Northwind Sample dB Northwind Sample dB Video 1 (1:20) In this video I demonstrate how to install and setup the “Northwind Sample Database” from Microsoft. If you are interested in learning how to program MS Access with VBA then my “VBA Beginner – Nifty Access” playlist on YouTube might be a good start for you! Video … Read more

TempVars Value Error

You cannot Always omit “Value” I often see people are advised they do not need to refer to a Control’s Value implicitly like this:- Dim strValue As String strValue = cboCurrent.Value This advice is given because “Value” is the default, therefore it is unnecessary to append it, So you could write the above like this:- … Read more