Setup the Northwind dB

  Northwind Sample dB Northwind Sample dB Video 1 (1:20) In this video I demonstrate how to install and setup the “Northwind Sample Database” from Microsoft. If you are interested in learning how to program MS Access with VBA then my “VBA Beginner – Nifty Access” playlist on YouTube might be a good start for you! Video … Read more

TempVars Value Error

You cannot Always omit “Value” I often see people are advised they do not need to refer to a Control’s Value implicitly like this:- Dim strValue As String strValue = cboCurrent.Value This advice is given because “Value” is the default, therefore it is unnecessary to append it, So you could write the above like this:- … Read more

Import CSV

  Import one CSV into two Tables Import CSV Video 1 (2:15) Import the Comma Separated Value file (CSV )into a staging table. Then run two queries against the staging table. One query to extract “H” into a new table, the other to extract “R” into a new table. Video 1 (2:15) More Info on Import CSV:- … Read more

Control Wizard (Access 2007)

  Control Wizard Control Wizard Video 1 (2:09) Demonstrate how to use the MS Access (2007) command button wizard to open another form and filter it to display the same record on the second form as you were looking at in the first form. Video 1 (2:09) More Info on Control Wizard :- Not Available … …