Lock Unlock a SubForm

Lock Unlock a SubForm Lock Unlock a SubForm Video 1 (4:20) Occasionally the database user might start editing data in the subform before entering data in

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Insert File

Insert File There’s a fantastic, useful, clever feature of MS Access (actually I think it’s in all of the VBA products) where you can store

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Rank with VBA

Rank with VBA Rank with VBA Video 1 (7:06) This 1st video follows along from the presentation below. The presentation goes over the basic idea, then

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Use “Value” or Not? I’ve noticed a couple of minor glitches caused by the default of a ‘textbox’, the value; not being assigned explicitly. It’s

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Acronyms – MS Access

MS Access – Acronyms Visual Basic Acronyms Images made HERE on “FlamingText” Visual Basic Concepts Visual Studio 6.0 Object Naming Conventions ActiveX Data Objects ADO

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Easy MS Access Checklist

Checklist Required! Checklist Required! Video 1 (1:27) I offer a solution to a problem which might, sort of, sneak up on you when you’re developing your

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Recordset Loops How To

Recordset Loops I recently answered a question on my Facebook site… Link:-  Full Text of my Answer:- basically it would be best to use a

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Uncle Gizmo

Create Many Records

Recordset Loop – Create Records Once you start converting queries into SQL Statements, in other words a string version of the Query, you can take

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